Importance of CRM in Pay TV Industry; Cable TV Billing & CRM

Importance of CRM in Pay TV Industry

Owing to the growth and advancement of technology, cable TV industry is witnessing major changes. The market is stimulating for Pay TV providers and the way media and entertainment as well as its consumption is accessed has undergone transformation. Digitization and state-of-the-art technologies coming up have revolutionized the market place to a great extent. Pay TV operators are looking for pioneering ways to manage devices, subscribers and formats.

With Pay TV operators investing more and more in recurring transactions, CRM-dominated marketing disciplines have significantly increased in the past years. While conventional CRM models usually deployed one-way communication, not going beyond push communication, focusing majorly on the sales only, today the customers’ perceptions have changed. They are concerned about the quality of relationship service providers build with them.

Thus, it is enormously necessary for TV operators to effectively engage with them, building long-term relationships.

There is no secret to it that for any business to be successful today, it is vital for the service providers to connect to their customers. When it comes to Pay TV industry, Pay Tv CRM (Customer Relationship Management) & Pay TV billing plays a major role in forming long-lasting relations with the subscribers.

Being constantly in touch with the consumers via pay tv billing enables Pay TV operators to comprehend their demands, further helping them to successfully cater to their needs. This proves to be beneficial not only for the subscribers, but for the operators as well.

Below mentioned are some significant features of CRM which clearly state that its importance in Pay TV industry is inevitable:

•    Management of customer data

The integration of customer relationship management system (CRM) with other systems such as content management systems and data collection systems facilitates the process of collecting required customer data, incorporating it by employing a customer centric approach for straightforward grouping and look-up. When Pay TV operators are required to keep track of their customers’ details, including their personal details as well as service consumed by them, in order to generate accurate cable TV billing slips, Cable TV CRM plays a major role in simplifying the entire task.

With convenient solutions to gather and categorize customer information, they can easily inform the subscribers about missing payments or other details that is crucial for them to know. Timely information from Pay TV operators offers a higher level of satisfaction to customers and they continue to avail services from them. This in turn reduces churn rate, proving beneficial for the service providers.

•    Segmentation

When offering Pay TV service, it is extremely essential for the operators to group their customers with Pay tv billing / pay tv crm so as to ensure it becomes easy for them to communicate with respective customer when required. CRM system allows service providers to segment subscribers at the minutest level by making use of the attributes on the basis of inventory, sales, promotions, CRM data, customer profiles, loyalty as well as their interaction history across campaigns.

With systematic and precise categorization of customer information, operators can not only ensure easy interaction with their subscribers when necessary, but can also be sure of delivering better services.

•    SMS Campaigns

Today, people have become tech-savvy and majority individuals have cell phones. In addition, SMS or text messages have turned out to be one of the widely-used and preferred means of communication now-a-days. Customer Relationship Management system enables Pay TV operators to connect to their customers a better way with SMS.

Service providers can choose between one-way and two-way types of SMS campaigns. Periodic messages informing the customers about service utilized so far, new offers coming up, outstanding payment, if any, renewal of cable TV package, generation of cable TV billing slips from your end can keep the customers updated, maintaining a good relationship with them. This ultimately builds trust and loyalty among your customers.

•   Email campaigns

With the advancement in technology, the need for utilization of contemporary techniques to get in touch with the customers cannot be denied. The Email campaigns feature of CRM system streamlines the process of sending personalized HTML email campaigns to varied segment of customers. This makes the subscribers feel that their service providers are concerned about staying in touch with them.

Apart from notifying the customers about new services and packages, Email campaigns can also be used by the operators to let the subscribers know that cable TV billing slips have been generated from your side. In today’s digital era, Email campaigns are an ideal as well economical means to promote CRM.

•   Event triggers

When a customer performs an action, responding to it is one of the best ways to let the customers know that you are constantly being in touch with them. Event triggers allow the operators to schedule or send SMS or Emails on the basis of customer events, including opens, clicks, purchases and visits. This innovative means of communicating with the customers helps maintain long-lasting and valuable relationships with them.

•   Enterprise Features

When Pay TV operators are required to manage large amount of customer data, the process becomes a little intimidating as the possibilities of duplication are always there. Thus, there is a need to maintain data that does not have any redundancy. This is when enterprise features of a CRM system come into play.

Allowing any category of data to be imported with several identifiers, it efficiently handles duplication via complex rules on the identifiers. Thus, the chances that you send information to one customer multiple times and not sending it other customer even once, due to data duplication, can be completely eliminated. When you send SMS or Email to your customers, you can be sure that you are sending the same to your entire customer base.

Each feature of CRM system plays vital role in the service providers in building and maintaining relationships with their prestigious customers. Integrating CRM in Pay TV industry, operators can not only retain their current subscribers, but can also attract new customers. Assisting in service provisioning, keeping track of service usage, managing partner settlements, resolving customer complaints quick and in a better way, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), is highly important for Pay TV industry as it enables the operators to assure improved customer experience by proffering comprehensive customer support through generation of dynamic reports as well as analysis of customer activities.