Subscriber Management System For DTH Service Providers

What is Subscriber Management System?

SMS stands for Subscriber Management System and it is a system that combines both software and hardware to manage the accounts of large subscribers. This system is the foundation of fantastic customer service. The kind of service you rend to your subscribers depends on the efficiency of your subscriber management system.

It is a one-stop software solution for all types of cable TV services. It is also the best solution for direct to home (DTH) service providers. One feature that distinguishes SMS from other software solutions of its kind is the possession of complete OTT billing solution for subscribers.

What is DTH?

DTH is a digital satellite service. It is the provision of television viewing services directly to the homes of subscribers through satellite transmission and it covers the whole country. It requires the placement of a satellite dish outside the home of each subscriber to receive the transmission signals and also broadcast the transmission onto their television sets.

DTH involves digital signals which are received directly from the satellite. Needless to say, digital signals are known for the provision of optimum quality transmissions. DTH service offers its subscribers high definition channels and gives them the liberty to select a combination of their preferred television channels for their packages.

The subscriber management system software solution is an all-encompassing solution that offers a lot of functions like OTT billing solution, subscription monetization, OTT monetization just to mention a few. This is why it is indispensable for DTH services.

Importance of having SMS for DTH service providers

The importance of Subscriber Management System to DTH services cannot be over-emphasized as its benefits are numerous. Subscriber management system software is used to create the account for a new customer. During the creation of each new account, important details of the customer like name, address, email address, subscription plan and others are captured and saved.

SMS helps to manage mandatory documents like the know-your-customer document. With SMS solution, multiple devices and accounts can be assigned to a particular customer and managed effectively. Every subscriber has a history and knowing the subscription history of every subscriber is important for proper profiling. SMS can be used to manage subscription history of every subscriber. Customer segmentation is important for marketing of new products and services. SMS offers customer segmentation for DTH services. Other benefits of Subscriber Management System to DTH services are the provision of Customer 360 view, the creation of users and for a multi-room concept.

When you are rendering Direct To Home service, you will need to respond to your subscribers’ requests as quickly as possible. You will need to handle basic technical issues and promotional plans in a very timely fashion regularly. You will also be changing subscription packages and you will cope with a lot of new channel requisitions. Most importantly, you will be inundated with new connections.

Only SMS software offers a one-stop solution to all the service requests listed above. Subscribers are naturally impatient so your turnaround time is also critical. It is SMS that will help you continuously deliver.

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